We have found a great kids electronic drum kit

A kids electronic drum kit is what you seek and your search can end here. There is a very obvious gap from when your child is too big for the play drum kit you bought him/her to when they can sit behind a proper kit.

If you are trying to encourage musical expression then you need to find something that they can play for the next few years. We have found just the device.

Luckily there are smaller drum pad set ups that can allow your child to learn on pads similar to real drum pads without having to sit behind a massive drum kit.

The Kawasaki Drum Pad is the perfect solution to this problem. They have come up with a simple design that mimics the toms, snare and cymbals. It is basically a series of pads that the child can play with the provided plastic sticks or their hands.

The Kawasaki Drum Pad has many different sounds and demos to play with so they can continue to develop the rhythm that they started at such an early age. What's even better is the volume control. This way you won't have to hear insanely loud banging while they are playing.

While it is missing a bass drum pedal this machine still gives the child enough to learn the fundamentals of drumming and will set them up perfectly to move onto an actual drum kit.

Kawasaki have hit the nail on the head with this electronic kit. Just type 'Kawasaki Drum Pad' into your browser and see why we are making such a fuss!



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