The best kid's iPod docking station

Looking for the perfect kids docking station to buy for your child and their iPod? Most of the current models on the market are pretty technically imposing. If you pressed the wrong button they look like they'd be liable to explode! With that in mind, we think we've found the perfect model for kids.

If you want something simple, and something that will look perfect in any child's room, then we suggest taking a look at the iStereo Lego Dock iPod MP3 Music Dock, available from Amazon.co.uk. This product is an iPod Dock, but it's also a massive block of Lego.

It keeps the features set delightfully simple, without compromising on sound. The unit can be run from the mains, or else it takes three AA batteries, so it's perfect for portability. It charges all iPods with dock connector. Can also be used with other portable audio devices such as MP3, MiniDisc and CD players.

In the box you'll get the main Lego block, you'll also get six different blocks, each with different size connectors for joining the main block to various different iPods. You'll also get a 3.5mm stereo line in jack cable for hooking up other devices through the connection.

This dock is extremely cheap compared to other docks on the market. It currently retails for around £25 pounds, however it is becoming pretty hard to find due to its popularity, so if you want to pick one up, we recommend acting soon! Don't miss out!


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