The best Kenwood car stereo

The Kenwood car stereo has always been a favourite with motorists. They are affordable and offer incredible sound quality when coupled with the right speakers. These days Kenwood push the boundaries with each new entry.

Today we are taking a look at their latest addition to the Sat Nav/Car Stereo's they have been rolling out in recent years. While this stereo may cost a lot, it does so much to justify the price tag.

The Kenwood DNX9280BT: The beauty of this machine is immediately apparent as soon as you open the box. This 7'' screen is amazingly crisp and clear and the buttons are neatly fitted to the frame of the screen. Most of your navigating is done via the touch-screen but you have a few key buttons as well.

The Sta Nav is from Garmin so you can expect the very best system. Garmin make it easy to find your destination, also thanks to the large screen it is very easy to follow the clear instruction.

You can connect bluetooth devices, iPhones and mp3 players to the stereo so you can have a massive library of tunes playing while you drive to your destination. The screen again makes navigating and creating playlist a walk in the park. You can also use the screen for movies and video playback. The playback is smooth and the screen makes everything look great.

This is a top of the line Kenwood car stereo which is why it costs around £1,800. We managed to find it for £1,277 on amazon.co.uk so be sure to check them out. While it may seem expensive this really is much more than a car stereo, it is an all in one system for your vehicle that eliminates the need for countless expensive add ons.

There you have it, the very best Kenwood car stereo with Sat/Nav.

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