Keeping it street (view)

Nosey Parkers up and down the country will be jumping up and down with pant-wetting glee at the news that Google Maps has launched its Street View service for good old Blighty, covering 25 cities all over the UK.

The pics were snapped last year, and are bound to be showing shops that have long since closed down, so if you're a former Woolworths employee then I suggest you keep your eyes averted from the screen, and anyone who's lost their home, for that matter. Anyway, despite the Daily Mail's predictable complaining ('burglar's charter' my hairy backside), it's a superb way to waste your time at work. I personally recommend doing the walk from Old Street down to the West End of London, especially if you're a parochial Londoner who likes to sneer at the provinces.

Anyway, here's an amusing video featuring a man in a funny orange suit, telling you how it works.

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