Keep Pete Doherty out of the press, please

Until now, WebTwitcher has refrained from covering the topic de jour, that of the rumoured wedding between Kate Moss and her bizarre choice of boyfriend, Pete Doherty. First, Pete's (by now regularly predictable) narcotics-based antics annoy WebTwitcher to the point of acute frustration. Second, he gets way more press coverage than he should for being nothing short of a failed musician with a horrendous habit (ah, but the famous girlfriend helps keep him in the limelight.)

Anyway, after a quick scout of Pete-based articles online, I can reveal that over the past six months, he has been arrested several times for possession of drugs, for being under the influence of drugs, for supplying drugs, for driving with suspect substances in his blood. He's been in court, cleared, had his car towed, been detoxed in the Priory, re-toxed himself, detoxed in the Priory again (where he was caught supplying banned substances to another patient!!)...the list goes on. And this, if we are to believe the reports, is in the space of six months. A busy man indeed!

One wonders what Kate Moss finds so attractive. Maybe she should take a look at this simple attractiveness scale to clarify her mind before she seals her fate forever (which is generally around the eight month period in celebrity marriage land).


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