Kane golf trolleys: Taking the effort out of a perfect game.

Golf is known as a game of leisure, one of precision and skill. The last thing you need is to be carrying around a heavy bag stocked with your golf clubs. Why not free up your energy by using a golf trolley? Kane golf trolleys provide products like no other on the market.

Kane golf trolleys come in a broad range of motorized trolleys that make moving your clubs around the course a pleasure. Kane golf trolleys are of light weight construction, made with strong steel. They are easy to fold and unfold for quick storage. As golf is a game of concentration and relaxation, Kane power their trolleys with low noise motors with high quality durable batteries.

The battery is 18KG. This weight is carried conveniently in a compact area on the bottom of the trolley and comes in the form of 12v 22AH or 28AH. The motor on most Kane golf trolleys comes with an extensive guarantee so if anything goes wrong you know you are covered by a quality manufacturer.

We can’t all afford to pay a caddy to lug our clubs around after us for 18 holes so check out Kane’s golf trolleys which come with 18 hole or 36 hole batteries which will get you around the course with an absolute minimum of effort. These trolleys will eliminate the shoulder pain associated with carrying a heavy bag.

Kane golf trolleys provide extreme comfort at an inexpensive price, freeing you up to shoot the perfect game every time.

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