JVC Car Stereo Systems: Versatile Solutions

JVC car stereo systems are one of the most versatile and functional car stereos. JVC is an experienced Japanese producer that has provided high quality standards and great customer support. JVC car radios can be found on almost any car that didn’t come with a radio provided by the car manufacturer.

The Types of JVC Stereos

There are different types of JVC stereos depending on the formats that they can render and on their features as well. JVC can provide CD receivers, DAB, and DVD receivers. The prices are different from one type to another, as well as inside the same category of car audio products.

The Features of JVC Stereos

Generally JVC stereos have the features that can make a difference when it comes to purchasing price. These are just some of the most appreciated functions that a car stereo enthusiast would look for:

  • Support the most common formats (CD, MPEG 1 and 2, MP3, WMA, WAV, DivX)
  • Dual USB ports (iPod, iPhone, HDD)
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • 5 Band Digital EQ (Equalizer), DSP with time alignment
  • Steering wheel remote control ready

The Prices of JVC Stereos

The prices of JVC car stereos depend very much on their complexity and features. Here are some examples that can help you form an opinion about what a JVC car system might provide:

  • CD receivers can be bought for as little as £75 to as much as £300
  • Double DIN CD receivers can cost a minimum £150 and maximum £300
  • Double DIN AV Centres (Audio Visual) are the top of the line and cost between £475 and £700
  • DAB car systems (Digital Audio Broadcasting) can range from £150 to £250
  • JVC car stereo that is considered a DVD receiver is available in 3 models and can cost a minimum of £150 and a maximum of £250.

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