Just Words cheats and tricks

Just Words is an online version of Scrabble where you play against a computer. You can choose the level of difficulty which can be helpful, but at times there are still situations where you just can't seem to find any words to play. Here are a few helpful places to find Just Words cheats that can get you over the short term brain freeze.

Cheat Sheets

Here are a few places to find Just Words cheats.

The game itself has a word list for 2 and 3 letter words and an exhaustive list of many other words. It also provides definitions of the words, which can be very helpful for those looking to expand their vocabulary.

Word helper is handy website where you input the letters you have, type in existing words that you have already come up with, choose the type of dictionary you want to use, and push a button to get new possibilities that may be better than your own. It also states the amount of points the word is worth, assuming that it isn't on any special spaces. It also gives lists of 2, 3, and 4 letter words and many unique combinations for the more difficult letters that are harder to use.


Blog my brain has you input the entire board which you can then save. This allows you to come back to it whenever your opponent has taken their turn and update the board. This website allows you to be sneaky and actually choose the level of vocabulary you want them to use so as to not be too obvious to your opponent that you are cheating.


Word Finder is where you input your letters and it will create a comprehensive list. It also gives you a list of words that have different starting and ending letters, various lengths of words (2-12), and words that only consist of consonants or vowels.


Brain Power

Finding Just Words cheats can be helpful in discovering and learning new words to use in the future, but it is probably not the best long term solution. Once the old school Scrabble board is pulled out and no cheat sheets are allowed, your weaknesses will soon be unconvered. If you are stuck in a bind though, hopefully these websites will help you out a bit and get you going again.

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