Just sort it out, Apple

Right we think it’s about time people just stopped using Apple products for they appear to be designed in the shoddiest of fashions with little regard for their customers; other than those who love the shiny design and funky, super cool adverts. But we don’t care about them, right?

The latest balls up from Jobs’ lot – after the litany of problems the iPhone 4 has encountered – is the iTunes 9.2 update, which has absolutely crippled those who are perfectly happy to just carry on with their iPods, and have no interest in getting either an iPad or an iPhone. Well, crippled their iPod use anyway – let’s not get too carried away.

Anyway, one of the main problems is that iPod Classic users are having problems syncing their machines with iTunes, and some people have had their entire music catalogues wiped from their device. If your device does freeze during the sync, don’t unplug it from your computer, just leave it. Usually it’ll take a while to complete, but it should unfreeze and then finish the job. There is another solution of course: chucking all your Apple goods in the bin, buying a cheaper, easier to manage player and then charging their offices with burning clubs and pitch forks, hounding them until they sort themselves out. The slackers.

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