Just ink and paper - How to save

If you truly want to save just ink and paper, then you need to consider costs in the long term as opposed to short term. This means that even if the initial cost of the printer is on the high side, it's the overall cost that you are interested in.

Use a monochrome laser printer

Save ink

The laser printer uses a toner for ink whereas the bubblejet printer uses regular ink cartridges. The cost of ink consumption is lessened if you use the laser printer. But if you need to print in colour, choose the bubblejet printer instead as the colour laser printer is very costly for home use.

Print quickly and quietly

Laser printers print speedily and with less noise. The bubblejet printer on the other hand is less speed and noise efficient.

Print on both sides

Check your printer settings

You don't necessarily need a duplex printer, which is costly although it does automate printing on both sides of the paper for you. Check the printer settings to see if you can choose to print only even or odd pages. If you can see this option, it means you can print on both sides of the paper.

Print, rearrange papers and print

If you select to print 'odd pages' first, simply rearrange the papers after this printing and then select 'even pages' to print on the other side. Rearranging the papers means the top most pages are now at the bottom; the papers are now in reverse order.

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