Jump start 2007 with a web 2.0 fitness overhaul

Happy new year dear reader! If you've been suffering from WebTwitcher cold turkey, you can breathe a sigh of relief as we're back and ready to entertain you with ideas, gossip, inspiration and silliness from the web. And it looks like 2007's gonna be a corker for all things blog, podcast and web 2.0 related so watch this space for regular updates on new features you'll see appearing on Excite MIX in the coming months too.

To get you back in the mood, if you're feeling anything like WebTwitcher, you'll have eaten one too many slices of cake over the last couple of weeks. And some.

What can the web world offer us pudding engorged couch dwellers? Blast away the post Christmas blues with an online fitness plan as a starter. Two sites worth a look (which have been given the web 2.0 treatment) are Traineo and the excellently named Run Fat Boy which has a blog you can put on your MIX page if you need extra inspiration to boot.

Let me know if you've seen any good fitness blogs for extra coaching or top tips.


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