Juicy Modern Warfare 2 preview

The release date for Modern Warfare 2 draws ever closer, and Infinity Ward are really starting to pump out the juice for all of those who are gasping for a long, hard slug of FPS shooter madness.

The latest lucky recipients of preview stuffs are the crew at game TV show GT TV, who have got themselves inside the Infinity Ward studio and have been sucking hungrily at their teet for all kinds of info. Check out the vid below for lots of really great footage of the new Spec Ops mode, which really looks the business, and other multiplayer goodies.

There’s a whole episode packed full tasty titbits if you check out the CVG website. We’ve watched it and it’s got just about everything you could hope for a large scale preview, including stuff about war in Washington and a few sneaky peeks at the narrative, which carries on from the story of the first game. Link is below, peeps.

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