Johnny 5 is alive?

The first image of the Project Natal motion control system that Microsoft hopes will break the back of the Wii in the console war (it won’t and nor will the PS3’s Sixaxis) has been published in that well known tech bible The Seattle Times. In an article that reveals that the new iPhone and Natal will be made in the same factory by Taiwanese manufacturers Pegatron Technology, writer Brier Dudley gives us his very own pic of the beast.

As CVG rightly point out, it looks rather a lot like Johnny 5 from the much-missed Short Circuit films, although we don’t think it looks like him on crack, more like his war-wounded and psychologically broken Vietnam veteran second cousin, crippled by a lifelong addiction to electricity like Bender in the Robot Hell episode of Futurama.

‘Here's an image I took of one of the prototypes that Microsoft has provided to studios developing Natal games,’ said Dudley. ‘This one's mounted on a camera tripod.’ Thanks for pointing that out to us, Dud.

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