We told you a few weeks ago about Infinity Blade, the upcoming iPhone slasher game with the jaw-dropping graphics.

How jaw-dropping? Well, it turns out even Steve Jobs was amazed. 'I can't believe this is on one of our devices!', the Apple CEO reportedly exclaimed when he saw the game running on the iPhone.

Donald Mustard, the pleasingly-named co-founder of Epic Games, makers of Infinity Blade, recalled his meeting with the Apple founder to that well-known tech publication The Salt Lake Tribune, CNET reports. Another Apple exec reportedly said 'this changes everything.'

It's not unheard of for developers to squeeze graphics out of a device that the manufacturers never thought possible. Perhaps most famously, it happened with Sega's underrated Saturn, which was widely considered less powerful than Sony's PlayStation at launch but which ultimately achieved amazing graphical feats through deft programming. Infinity Blade should send a clear message to developers that the peak of iPhone gaming performance has yet to be reached. And that's just got to be good news.

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