Jobs saga takes a surreal twist

Well, this is weird. If you, like many people, have looked at the avalanche of coverage that Steve Jobs' medical leave from Apple has inspired in the last two days and thought it a little excessive, you might want to skip to the next story. For we've found further evidence that the Apple CEO's saga - his rise, his ejection from the company he founded, years in the wilderness and triumphant return, and now the third-act twist of his health problems - is something like a national obsession, only for the nation of geekery.

By cosmic coincidence, this week - already so Jobs-filled - also sees the opening of a new play in Berkeley, California, about Steve Jobs.

Yeah, you read that right. The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs is its name, Mike Daisey is the one-man writer and performer behind the monologue piece, and it's been kicking around for a while in preview form, but is due this week to start its first proper run. Berkeley, south of San Francisco, is home to many Apple employees. Under the circumstances, you'd think they might lay off a bit, but Daisey know good publicity when they see it. As he ramblingly explains on his blog:

'Today Steve Jobs announced he is stepping down from Apple for health reasons. It is almost impossible to imagine Apple without him, and there's a palpable sense of loss and change as the tech industry struggles to know what this will mean for its future.

We stand at a crossroads, and it is my sincere belief that this story, capturing both his genius and his stubbornness, his brilliance and his ridiculousness, can help turn our attention to how the tech industry can grow up and begin to take responsibility for its decisions. Now is the best moment for us to look deeply and actually begin to see there's something more significant than the next iPhone's release, the next keynote presentation. Now is the moment to start waking up.'

Well, glad that's cleared up. No reviews as yet, but we'll let you know what the assembled ranks of the theatre world think just as soon as we hear.

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