J.Lo launches USB drive

Like Jennifer Lopez? Like portable data storage? Then you’ll love the J.Lo USB drive!

There have been some fairly ridiculous celebrity endorsements recently, but slapping Jennifer Lopez’s face all over a USB pen drive on a string has to be one of the weirdest.

Gresso’s “Adam & Eve” pendant, tricked out in dark wood and rhinestones and storing 1GB of data, comes pre-loaded with her new album, “Brave”. Gresso’s website describes this as “new, earlier not existing way to sell music” (eh?), and just in case you were hesitating about spending $70, adds that it will be “presented in an exclusive gift box”. Well, hold us back.

Does this beat Kylie’s social networking site as the most ridiculous celeb endorsement ever? We’re thinking of starting a chart…

(Image: from  Howie_Berlin's Flickr stream)

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