Jerry’s having a ball!

Yes, we spend too much time browsing on YouTube. But that’s nothing to the time this guy must have spent on making a toy for his dog.

Yes, it’s another cute animal video. Sorry, we just couldn’t resist. So please meet Jerry, a dachshund and genuine YouTube treasure, and his fantastic ball throwing machine. We cannot describe how hilarious this is. Watch it! Now!

That machine is a pretty impressive piece of kit, so simple and yet so effective. The perfect piece of dog-activated entertainment.

So, for all of you out there in this modern world, lamenting the fact you don’t have enough free time to spend on a pet – you don’t need it! Get that dog (just like Jerry) you’ve always wanted, and rig up one of these babies.

Jerry couldn’t be happier.

(Image: from The G-tastic 7’s flickr stream)

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