Japanese gadget shop; for all Hello Kitty needs!

A Japanese Gadget shop is like stepping into an alternate reality. They have so much cool future tech and crazy Japanese designs that you will want to buy just about everything.

There are so many of these shops online it can be hard to choose the best, luckily we have done all the hard work. Hit up the Japan Gadget Shop (http://www.japangadgetshop.com) website and let's see what they have on offer.

Hello Kitty Camera: This is Fugifilm's Hello Kitty camera specifically designed to be fun. Not every one wants an SLR camera they just want something that will take good photos quickly and easily. It has auto-flash, automatic exposure compensation and a high-quality Fujinon lens that will help you get the best quality pictures and the most vivid colours.

This camera is available from the Japan Gadget Shop for only £130. It is the perfect pocket camera for holidays and fun snaps. It also has a mirror built into the lens for self portraits so you can easily take vanity shots.

Coin Penguin: This is one of the most pointless gadgets we have ever seen but for some reason we love it! It's a silly penguin statue that gobbles up coins. Basically it's a crazy Japanese coin bank where piggies just don't cut it any more, it's all about the penguin.

Tap his nose and he will open his mouth, feed him a coin and he will dance for you, what more could you want! This is available for around £35 and is a really cool pressie for one of your wackier friends.

Sega Toys iDog: This is truly a Japanese piece of tech, it's a dog that play music from your computer or iDevice. The speaker will actually move around like a little robot dog. If you have more than one they will react with each other by dancing and wagging their tails.

This is exactly what you think about when you think Japanese gadgets. It is available at the Japan Gadget Shop for around £55 so it's definitely worth checking out.

If you want something truly futuristic and fun a Japanese Gadget shop is where you need to be. Check out the Japan Gadget shop and see if there's anything you like.

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