Find all your photography kit at Jacobs Cameras

Looking for that elusive digital camera or accessory? For dedicated photographers or keen snappers, Jacobs Cameras invariably have the solution.

Jacobs Digital Photo and Video (www.jacobsdigital.co.uk) have 20 stores across the UK, from Newcastle in the north to Bristol and Cardiff in the south, with 4 London stores. Even if you can't get to a local shop, they have an online mail-order and delivery service.

Digital cameras are their speciality, with models from a range of manufacturers to suit most budgets and most levels of expertise. Many can be customized or adapted to suit your specific needs.

At the top of the range is the Leica X1, a precision-engineered classic with a professional CMOS image sensor and an outstanding Leica lens. It’s conveniently compact and offers a full range of sophisticated automatic functions. It costs £1,395,99.

Right at the other end of the spectrum is the Fujifilm FinePix A160, an ideal entry-level digital camera, with point and shoot simplicity. With 10 megapixels picture quality, a high-quality Fujinon 3x optical zoom, and anti-blur technology, it's not exactly basic either, even at just £49.99.

If you are looking for camcorders, tripods, memory cards or just a carrying bag for your camera; Jacobs Cameras stock a wide range of accessories. You can shop online and arrange a mail order delivery (next day delivery and free delivery are available on some items), or take advantage of the click and collect option where you pre-order your items on the website and pick them up from a convenient store.

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