Jackass 2.5 premieres online

Sadly, they’ve already announced the Golden Globes shortlist, but Paramount Pictures has decided to release the third Jackass film anyway. And in an experiment aimed at keeping costs down, Jackass 2.5’s first release will be as a streamed video, rather than in cinemas.

Given that the second Jackass film took a paltry total of £1.7 million at the UK box office, Paramount’s decided on a new approach for the new compilation of Johnny Knoxville and chums beating seven bells out of each other. Blockbuster Video’s Movielink service will have an exclusive right to offer the film as a streaming video for the first week of release – starting tomorrow and including Christmas. The film will be preceded by a series of adverts.

And, after December 26, the desperately waiting public will be able to buy a download on sites like Amazon and iTunes.

The film hasn’t been rated, but will use “age verification technology” to make sure viewers are 17 or over – that’s definitely going to work, isn’t it?

(Image: from Dannyben's flickr stream)

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