ITV Player for PS3?

Word has it that ITV is in talks with Sony about launching ITV Player on the Playstation 3. According to The Telegraph (who got their story through a ‘senior TV executive close to ITV’), ITV want it running on various smartphones by September, and it looks like, in terms of consoles at least to be a Playstation exclusive.

They want the app to be advertising-supported streaming service, which rules out the Xbox 360, as Microsoft do not allow free apps to be available through Xbox Live (apart from Twitter, Facebook and the like, mind you). Meanwhile Nintendo will not allow advertising on the Wii, so it’s a clear run for the Playstation. Now, if only they could make something worth watching...

‘There will be a one-off payment for the app (for the smartphones versions - Ed), and the app will be populated on a daily basis with new content which will be continually supported by advertising,’ the source said. ‘Viewers are consuming content on a range of platforms to suit their lifestyles so we want to make our content available when and where consumers want to watch it. We are considering options for this as part of our ongoing strategic review.’

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