ITV launch pay TV service?

As ITV announces that they have made an impressive £71m profit over the last 12months compared to a £70m loss the year before (everyone together, ‘thank you Mr Cowell’) the network are said to be restructuring and taking up a pay-per-view model.

The new model will only affect ITVHD viewers, AKA the ones who missed Steve Gerrard’s goal at the World Cup because some numpty pressed the ‘cut to adverts’ button. Whether users are willing to pay to view ITV 1,2,3,4 in HD when they can already see them in standard quality is questionable. Especially when adverts are expected to remain on the HD channels. Either way it’s thought that ITV head honcho Adam Crozier would like to see a quick cash boost to the network.

The new service is expected to be officially announced tomorrow (4 Aug). We shall see - or not, if you're watching in HD.

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