iTunes 10 gets social networking

So, we’ve heard & seen what the new range of iPods sound & look like (Nano – thumbs down, Touch – thumbs up) but as is usually the case when Steve Jobs unveils the new range of gizmos just in time for Christmas (yes, we’re cynical) there’s also a brand new upgrade of iTunes itself.

So, what’s new in iTunes 10? Social Networking, that’s what, or as they’re calling it iTunes Ping. iTunes Ping is social networking tool embedded in the program that allows music lovers to find out what their favourite artists are up to by ‘following’ them (yes, like Twitter), comment on them (yes, like YouTube) and share with your friends what you’re listening to right now (yes, like Facebook). There’s a also a cool ‘like’ button’ (we have no idea where they got this idea from hmmmmm...). Although definitely nothing new iTunes Ping is almost guaranteed to be major player in social market due to it’s justified tag as ‘the biggest digital music store in the world’. But what is genuinely super nifty about it is that all this time wasting, sorry networking can be downloaded from your palm sized iPhone and iPod Touch.

The other secondary addition is Airplay – the ability to play iTunes to Airplay-enabled speakers wirelessly. Oh, and a new syncing bar that tells you have much in ‘time’ you have free on your portable device: no, we aren’t by impressed by that either.

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