It's your choice

Being fans of the first-person shooter, we’ve been impressed by what we’ve seen from Bethesda’s latest effort Brink. It appears to lack the super-serious plot that so many games are obsessed with these days, and it also looks like as though we will be able to customise our characters to a much larger degree than in other games. Best of all that customisation will actually affect the gameplay, rather than be purely cosmetic.

In the game you can choose the body type you wish you players to have, with the heavy, medium and light body types not only making a difference to your speed and the amount of damage you can take, but also the types of weapons you can utilise , and how agile you are traversing environments. In a game that is based on rushing around running and gunning as quickly as possible, that could make all the difference. Take a look at these videos to find out more.

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