It’s War!

A week or so ago we reported how big bad Microsoft were closing their doors to third party developers’ memory devices, in a fiendish attempt to stop people storing their Xbox 360 content on bog standard hard drives when their 360 drives were full up. Well it seems there are moves afoot to get around the most retrograde aspect of Xbox Live’s latest dashboard update.

Datel, who are the company worst affected by this development, are apparently looking to stick Microsoft’s bad consumer practice where the sun don’t shine. According to MaxConsole, Datel have told retailers to send back memory units that are affected by the dashboard update, and that they will be replacing them in time for Microsoft’s shenanigans.

They received a letter from Datel UK’s distributors that apparently states that they are ‘aware of the changes that are required to remedy this problem and will shortly release a solution in readiness for this potential update.’ Is a war about to kick off between the two companies? Does anyone care? All this and more still to come.

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