It's the white iPhone 4!

It's been rumoured, announced, delayed, rumoured cancelled, and rumoured back, but the white iPhone 4 has never actually materialised - until now. Various reports earlier this week started suggesting the release of the long-delayed white variety of the current iPhone might finally be about to happen. But there was no official announcement, and no-one was really sure.

And then some bloke in London bought one. No fanfare, no announcement, nothing. He just picked it up at a Vodafone store.

Was this a bizarre new anti-marketing technique from Apple? Not really. It quickly became clear 'cock-up' would be a better description. After the story came out, Vodafone quickly emailed all its staff to say they shouldn't sell white iPhone 4s till next week. We bet a stern phone call from Apple HQ prompted that missive.

In summary, the white iPhone is launching, for realz, this week. Want one?

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