It's the USB typewriter - for when you need that satisfying clicky sound

Do you enjoy the convenience of the digital age, but long for the satisfying solidity of ye olden days' technology? Do you simply dream of recreating the opening scenes of Murder, She Wrote?

Whatever your weird typewriter fantasy, help is at hand. Now you can enjoy the reassuring clackety-clack of a traditional typewriter without actually having to send your friends typewritten letters instead of emails. This cool hack takes a typewriter and essentially turns it into a USB keyboard, all with some technical jiggery-pokery we don't understand.

You can even attach an iPad for an integrated screen, as in this video:

Ace, isn't it? You can have your own for a measly $500 from usbtypewriter.com, or start with your own typewriter and do some fiddling. We wouldn't recommend that last option, though, unless you're a vintage DIY-er.

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