It's the N81, it's the N81!

All together now...ooooh....ahhhhh....

It's the latest in Nokia's Nseries, the sparkling, Apple challenging N81 (and not forgetting its big brother, the N81 8GB for the real entertainment junkie).

It comes with an all-singing all-dancing download service, which the beards over at Nokia are hoping will challenge iTunes. At yesterday's press conference in London, journalists and bloggers gathered together to be wowed by what Nokia called the "fourth screen".

WebTwitcher thinks the phone will be a hit, with its funky a new touchscreen and accompanying music download service.i With all the brand kudos Apple has built up around the iPod/iTunes/iPhone combo it will be interesting to see what strategies of war Nokia will adopt. If you want to see more, have a look at their promo video.

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