It's that time of year again

There’s really very little to recommend this 30-second long teaser trailer for FIFA 11, the latest in a very, very long line of FIFA games. It contains no in-game footage, no evidence of the new features it’s been promising us (like the ability to make your own chants, for instance) and is basically little more than an attempt by EA to show just how much money it has, by giving us Kakà, a who has clearly had a load of wedge waved in his face to appear on the cover.

However, it comes with such a load of terrible PR-inspired wibble that we couldn’t possibly leave it out. Just think of the poor people who have to write this nonsense, and pity them.

‘I've always been a fan of EA Sports and especially the FIFA series,’ said Kaka in his embarrassing PR waffle. ‘Being on the FIFA 11 cover is a great honour for me since very few players have this opportunity, and there have been some great footballers featured on the cover of this truly amazing football game.’ Christ, tone it down a bit.

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