It's really different this time

Over the last couple of days EA have been putting out information about their latest yearly update to the FIFA franchise, desperately trying to convince punters that this year they’re going to revolutionise everything, rather than just add the latest kits and make Wayne Rooney’s face more realistic.

For FIFA 11 they’re bigging up the addition of some nonsense called Personality+, which apparently ‘sees individual abilities reflected in game, enabling clear differentiation for every player’. Is this not something they’ve already been doing for the past 15 or so years? Apparently EA’s network of 1,700 scouts, editors and reviewers has been grading each footballer based on 36 footballing attributes and 57 personality traits, which they should help distinguish each player better than before.

‘Personality+ is the evolution of individual distinctiveness that sees a footballer's abilities on the pitch mirrored authentically in our game, creating individual personalities in FIFA 11,’ said Executive Producer Kaz Makita. ‘We have reached a level of sophistication within our game engine where footballers in our game will behave and perform as true individuals.’

As well as that, the passing system is once again getting an overhaul, with EA claiming that Pro Passing increases the accuracy of the pass, with a power gauge being permanently in use for all passing. Which if it’s being implemented as has been in the past, will be rubbish, and basically defeat the object of having good players in your team. The one thing that sad geeks like us have enjoyed however, is the opportunity to record your own chants and have them play during games. As long as you can add them to the right team, and they stop appropriately when you score, it’s all good.

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