It's over

Hey, remember that time when the whole PlayStation Network was down for a month? It's hard to believe it happened, let alone that it was only a few weeks ago. Still, give Sony their due, they put together a decent package of freebies to say sorry. Free games and access to PlayStation Plus were among the freebies.

So if you haven't claimed your free stuff yet, click on the 'welcome back' banner and....

...Oh, hang on. You can't.

Yes, we're sad to inform you that, just a month after restarting the PlayStation Network, Sony have finished their apology tour and taken the 'welcome back' pack away. From now on if you want a new game, or access to PlayStation Plus, you'll have to pay for it.

Now that the whole godawful mess is over, what are your feelings about it, Sony-lovers? Do you forgive them? Are you saving up for an XBox? Have you sold your PS3 already?! Let us know in the comments, why don't you.

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