Its life Jim, but not as we know it

For the uninitiated, the trekkie world and Klingon Kingdom can seem like lightyears away. However, WebTwitcher has braved traversable wormholes and extraterestrials to bring you the best of what the web has to offer our rubber wearing, forehead-challenged, sci-fi friends.

Impress (or scare) your colleagues with your linguistic skills and learn some basic Klingon courtesy of the Klingon Language Institute (quote: "bringing together individuals interested in the study of Klingon linguistics and culture").

WebTwitcher would like to know if you can get some sort of Klingon qualification, and if so, would you include this on your CV? I guess that would depend on the type of job you were applying for. If, for example, you were going for a job at the Ministry of Defence's highly top secret UFO Desk, which has been successfully covering up its provocative work for years (according to a recent story in The Guardian), you may need a special skill set. In which case, Klingon would be an obvious plus point, along with the more regular modern foreign languages such as French, German and Orkish.

As you can imagine the Trekkie community is not short of available RSS feeds, having been using the technology on board minor space craft for the past three millennia. So, to cut what could turn out to be a very long story short, three of the best include TrekWeb, Star Trek New Voyages and the Soul of Star Trek. For those more interested in the career of William Shatner, you may be interested to learn that last month he turned down the opportunity of a free space trip with Sir Richard Branson, as reported in The Register.


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