It's in your D(L)NA

One way or another, tech manufacturers are determined to make 2011 the year you get some internet on your TV. First Apple released their refreshed Apple TV, which is just £99 and doing very nicely, thank you very much, selling 1 million units in 2010. The Google appeared with their rival product - like their Android mobile OS, installed on other companies' products rather than on Google-branded hardware - Google TV, though that's had a bit of a bumpy ride.

The big hope for this year, though, might be a more standardised approach. DLNA - the Digital Living Network Alliance - has been around for a few years, but now we're starting to see more products using the standard, which lets devices beam media around a home wireless network with guaranteed compatibility.

Expect to see DLNA cropping up in a lot of products this year designed to get internet and digital media on your TV. LG, for example, have just shown off the ST600 Smart TV upgrader, which gives any reasonably young TV the functions of its new 'Smart TV' service, which includes a web browser, specially-made LG apps, and that DLNA standard for streaming videos from your other devices to your computer.

What sort of other devices? Well, what about your phone? HTC, one of the most popular manufacturers of Android and Windows Phone 7 er, phones, has begun adding DNLA support to its handset range. Grab the T-Mobile G2, for example, which is made by HTC, and you'll be streaming video happily to your LG DNLA box. (We think. After all, it's supposed to be a standard, right?)

So between this and Apple's AirPlay, it seems 2011 might be the year you find you can take that funny YouTube video your friend just texted you a link to and, with a press of a button on your phone, have it pop up on your widescreen TV. Neat, huh?

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