It's coming

Close your eyes. Picture any Apple product. What colour is it? White, right?

From the original Macintosh to the latest MacBook, Apple's best and most iconic products have always been white. Recently, though, the firm seems to have fallen out of love with its signature colour. Most MacBooks are now in shiny silver aluminium casing, and the iPhone and iPad are both rocking a black sheen.

Well, looks like Apple is about to throw white-lovers a bone. It's been reported (but never confirmed by Apple) for some months that a white version of the iPhone 4 is in the works, but it's never materialised, reportedly because of problems getting the design to meet Apple's notoriously high standards. Now, though, the signs are it might finally be close to release.

AT&T - until recently the only mobile network selling the iPhone in the US - has added a white iPhone 4 to its model list in its online account management site. Coming on the heels of similar sitings on the sites of Vodafone Germany and US store Best Buy, it looks all-but-certain now that a white model is going to be with us soon. Should provide Apple with a nice boost to iPhone 4 sales before they unveil the iPhone 5 in June.

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