It's back!

Ah, the long saga of iOS jailbreaking. Ever since Apple introduced the iPhone they've put certain restrictions on what users can do with it - most notably, only allowing apps to be installed through the official App Store. So a minority of iOS users have always opted to 'jailbreak' their phones, installing special software to let them install non-approved apps and adjust extra settings.

But Apple's not keen on jailbreaking, of course, and every new version of iOS usually closes whatever loopholes in the code hackers have found. The result has been a strange cat-and-mouse game, where every new version of iOS has to be jailbroken anew. Sometimes it's been hard, involving buggy, risky software; occasionally, though, it's been easy, like the glorious few months last year when all you had to do to jailbreak your phone was visit jailbreakme.com, which would magically do the business without as much as log-in required.

It didn't last long, of course, before Apple managed to close the weakness in iOS' security that made it possible. Well, rejoice, would-be jailbreakers, because jailbreakme.com is back!

Point your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running iOS 4.3.3 - the most up-to-date official version - to the site and before you know it you'll be jailbroken and ready to go.

Of course, with multi-tasking already built into iOS and notifications and wireless syncing on the way with iOS 5, there's gradually less and less reason to bother jailbreaking. But if you want to, it's good to know there's an easy way to do it. Just back up your phone first, in case something goes awry.

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