It's a Super Mario World

More E3 news today, and once again there's a whole load of goodies being unleashed on all you gamers out there. But did Nintendo get anywhere the quality of Microsoft's display? It seems unlikely but there you go.

We can pack a few things into one post, especially when they all concern everyone's favourite plumber – Mario. First of all a new Super Mario Bros game was unveiled for the Wii, with all kinds of retro 2D fun going on, and with a superb sounding multiplayer charge to the end of every level that sounds ace. You can also pick up the other players and use them to your advantage, and use a new propeller suit power-up which zooms you up in the air when you flick the Wiimote. This one is out for Christmas, so expect advertising mayhem around then.

Also announced was the more three-dimensional Super Mario Galaxy 2, which will be having any Mario fans releasing fluid into their pants with anticipation. There was only a trailer shown to the gathered geek press, but it looked pretty hot, with super fluid platforming and a good excuse to ride Yoshi. No note of a price yet, and you won't see it until next year, but fingers crossed it'll be as good as its predecessor.

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