ITouch Accessories: iHome iHM79 Rechargeable Mini Speakers

The astronaut, Michael James Massimino, sent this tweet from the International Space Station in 2010: "From orbit - Listening to Sting on my iPod watching the world go by - literally".

You won't hear Sting from outer space with the iTouch speakers from iHome - but keeping it real with some portable fun on planet Earth, they won't let you down.

These mini speakers are compatible with any device that has a standard 1/8" audio plug, including iPod models from the first to the fourth generation.

The speakers have built in lithium-ion batteries, which can be recharged using the provided USB cable. The dual cable has a large USB to recharge the speakers by connecting them to the powered USB port on your computer - two mini USBs to plug into the speakers themselves and a third cord to connect to the headphone port on your iPod Touch (or other audio device.)

The dual cable might sound a bit confusing but having everything on one cord is more compact and convenient than having a separate cord for each function. The speakers cannot be used to recharge your device.

With a magnetic base, the speakers lock together for travel or storage. At a height of two inches each, locked together they add up to approximately the same height as your iPod Touch. Rubberised strips on the base of each speaker make them slip-free.

A simple twist extends each speaker like a miniature accordion for amplified base sound. The iHM79 model is slightly larger than previous capsule speakers from iHome, resulting in the better sound - although the sound might distort a little the louder you go.

Reviewers have warned against resting these guys on your laptop as the magnets can cause havoc for your hard drive.

At £39.95 in the UK, the rechargeable iTouch mini-speakers are good value for money as long as you don't set your expectations too high. They come with a carrying pouch and are available in black, grey and purple.

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