iTesco Vs iTunes

In the world of digital downloads iTunes is king. Actually, not only is it king, it’s a trigger-happy dictator dominating the market with ambitions to completely rule the universe - and it won’t stop until it does. (Or until the competition authorities tell it to stop).

But after all is said and done, iTunes is pretty friggin’ awesome! With an all too simple click of a button you can have the brand new single from Lady Gaga in your hands, or at least a microdot of silicone somewhere in your computer....

Lots of people have and are attempting to get a slice of the Apple (see what we did there?) pie, and now supermarket monster Tesco has confirmed it is to launch its own digital download store. Called Digital Locker, the service will launch in October and will allow customers to buy mp3s that can be used by 6 users over 12 devices. Details of pricing are expected to be revealed in the coming months but the service already has the backing of PC World, Currys and Dixons.

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