It lives!

Although we're more hardcore than casual gamers here at Digitaledge, we'll admit to a certain fondness for music-based casual games. Wielding a plastic guitar with some (prefereably drunken) friends is a pretty darn fun way to spend an evening.

So we were amongst the mourners when we found out a few months ago that Guitar Hero, arguably the best of the various play-at-home series, was no longer with us. Makers Activision shut down the division that makes the series and cancelled the production of the latest instalment.

But now it seems that, like Take That and Genesis before it, Guitar Hero might be preparing for a comeback. Activision CEO Bobby Kotick told Forbes, 'we're going to use new studios and reinvent Guitar Hero.'

It seems some sort of revival is on the cards, though Kotick was distinctly vague on details: 'we're going to take the products out of the market, and we're not going to tell anybody what we're doing for awhile,' he said.

Fair enough. The new Guitar Hero'll have to rock pretty hard to beat Beatles Rock Band.

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