Is WhatsApp safe or not?

WhatsApp is so convenient, so cheap and so popular that we rarely ask whether WhatsApp is safe or not. You’ll probably have a few open conversations and loads of friends on your app so if it’s hacked, there’s a good chance that you’ll lose a lot of that data. We’ll tell you how you can keep the program safe and discuss the security concerns that are worrying WhatsApp users.
    Getty - Lionel Bonaventure

Technical bit

WhatsApp’s database is saved on your phone’s SD card. This information can be read by any Android or iOS application if you allow them access to your SD card. According to recent statistics, the majority of smartphone users allow their apps to have access to all other apps so if you’re phone is hacked through an app, you’ll be giving the hacker access to everything in the WhatsApp program.

Android users

There’s a flaw in the program that hackers are exploiting on Android phones. iPhone and Windows Phone users don’t need to worry about this but anyone with an Android device could be targeted. Hackers are stealing WhatsApp data using an Android application that uploads from your smartphone to a website. According to experts, the coding for this is very simple which is why this threat exists for Android users.

How to stop this

Only download trusted apps from reputable companies and keep the operating system and all applications up to date. The latest software updates contain security fixes which will help ensure that your smartphone and the WhatsApp program are not under attack from hackers.

Social media

Social media apps are the other applications you should make sure you keep up to date. Facebook and LinkedIn always seem to be under attack from hackers and Twitter users have also faced this sort of situation before.

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