Is this your new web browser?

What browser are you looking at this page with, dear reader? Are you kicking it old-school with Microsoft's Internet Explorer? Going all open-source and hippy-ish with Mozilla Firefox? Shooting for speed with Google's Chrome?

Well, your best option might be one you've never heard of - Opera. Assembled by a Norwegian company, Opera has been around for a while, and is available for mobiles and iPhone as well as PCs, Mac and Linux. But it's only recently that the browser has picked up a healthy number of users.

The latest version, 10.6, just came out - and it might be time for you to make the jump. The company say it's 50% faster than the previous version, which, they say, was already the fastest browser available.

It also features a rather funky 'mouse gestures' button, so you can go back, forward or scroll with just a flick of your wrist. Interested? You can download it free at the link below.

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