Is this the ultimate laptop?

Tablets may be attracting all the excitement, but the humble laptop is still the big news when it comes to sales - it's the way the majority of the world, at least when they're not at work, do their computing.

And the good news is that, thanks to the influence of tablets and of Apple's highly influential MacBook Air, laptops are getting thinner and sexier. Even manufacturers known for rugged, businesslike laptops are getting into the game of making them thinner and lighter to lug about.

For example: Lenovo. The Chinese manufacturer made headlines when it bought the PC business of IBM - who invented the bloody PC - and have done a pretty good job of updating the line, particularly the popular ThinkPad range. But they've never been seen as producing the sexiest kit, preferring to go for long-lasting and sensible. But that might be about to change.

Their new ultra-portable laptop, the ThinkPad X1, combines the classic Lenovo aesthetic with a super-thin profile that makes for a really very sexy package. And it's not skimping on the power either, with a 2.5GHz Core i5-2520M processor (that's fast) and 4GB of RAM (that's a lot). It also boasts some funky new rapid-charging technology which Lenovo say will help you get from dead to 80% charged in just half an hour. The battery will also last longer than most, they reckon.

Excited? We are. OK, there's a downside: such cutting-edge tech doesn't come cheap. The X1 has just been listed on Amazon for £1292.52. We're not sure if that 52p is really necessary, but anyway, that may seem like a lot but it compares very favourably with the 13.3inch MacBook Air.

We say Kudos to Lenovo for giving Windows users a laptop people will be jealous of in the cafe.

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