Is this the iPhone 5?

See that? Up there? That's the iPhone 5. Click here for a closer look. Odd, isn't it?

Now, strictly speaking, this isn't a leak of an actual photo of the next iPhone, let alone an actual mislaid piece of hardware like the iPhone 4 preview purchased by Gizmodo last year. No, this is a mock-up of what the iPhone 5 is likely to look at, based on what sources have told the team at This Is My Next, a new tech blog run by some guys who left Engadget a few weeks ago.

According to their sources, the iPhone 5 will look a lot like the current iPod Touch, with a thin, curved back (not unlike the current iPad), but in the iPhone's case it'll be thicker at the top than the bottom (we're dubious about that one). Apple will use all sorts of technical wizardry to let the screen run from edge to edge on the front, for a sleek plate-glass look, and the screen will be slightly bigger at 3.7inches, though using the same 'retina display' resolution as the current screen. This would enable Apple to compete better with 4' Android screens without making the actual phone bigger.

The most significant change might be to the home button. It's bigger on this mockup, to make space for a 'gesture area' where finger swipes might trigger actions on the phone - useful for games, and for apps where you don't want to have to touch the screen.

What do y'all think? You believe this crazy shizzle? One thing's for sure - nothing'll be for sure till Apple do the proper launch, maybe in June, more likely in September.

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