Is it worth getting a 4G phone yet?

Is it worth getting a 4G phone right now? When you realise that 4G is five times faster than 3G, you’ll probably be able to answer the question yourself, but of course there are added costs to consider.
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The point of having the mobile internet in the palm of your hands at a rate five times faster than you’ve experienced before isn’t to browse sites like ours quicker, the reason to get all excited about this technology is that you can start to use your phone for things you wouldn’t otherwise consider. A 4G phone feels like it’s hooked up to your home internet. It will stream movies in HD on the go which would be great for commuters who use public transport. This type of phone will allow you to upload pictures to Facebook within a few seconds of taking them. This type of phone also makes a lot of sense for business users because you could download attachments at the same speeds you’re used to from your office PC. Perhaps you could knock off early and go through some work on the bus or train thanks to this tech.


It always pays to know what disadvantages a new technology comes with and in the case of 4G there aren’t too many. The coverage for 4G isn’t as good as you might imagine as it’s not readily available across the UK. EE currently have the best coverage and even they can’t cover the whole country. They offer a coverage checker tool on their site (ee.co.uk/ee-and-me/network/4gee/coverage-check) so at least you can see whether your area of the country’s part of their 4G network. The other disadvantage to 4G is that it uses a lot more of your phone’s battery. To get around this you can get larger devices with stronger batteries.

In conclusion

We will all use 4G at some point the question is whether you get in now or wait for technology to improve and for prices to lower. That’s really only a question you can answer for yourself.

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