Is it worth buying a tablet?

You’ve obviously got a PC or a Mac. Perhaps you’ve already invested in a laptop or you have one from work so a portable computer’s no big thing so we can understand why you’re asking: is it worth buying a tablet? The short answer is “Yes” because there are so many advantages to owning one and they’re no longer the expensive and fragile devices they once were.
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Advantages to tablets

Tablets often look like large smartphones and they’re accessed in much the same way. This is a device that you’ll leave lying around the house. It’s something you can pick up and use without too much forethought. In short, it’s way more convenient than a laptop or desktop machine. Tablets offer a safer environment to operate in than PCs because the software is managed. With Apple, the folks running the iPad App Store test every app before it’s submitted. With Android devices there’s an ethos that developers can have free reign so Android devices are sometimes infected by viruses but these apps are quickly removed from the Google Play Store.


Android tablets really make the experience of owning a tablet computer worthwhile and if you’ve already got a smartphone that uses the operating system, you’ll understand exactly how it works. Price is another reason why an Android tablet makes so much sense. There’s a great variety of devices using Android so you could choose anything from a Kindle Fire HD to a LeapFrog LeapPad or the Nexus 10. Apps are also well priced on Android devices, if only because you can shop around. That’s something you can’t do with the market leading Apple product.


This remains the king of tablets and it’s easy to see why. The control that Apple exerts over the hardware and operating system does stifle some creativity but it gives you a stable, bug free platform for the iPad. While Android apps often feel like smartphones applications blown up for the larger screen, those on iPad are tailored to the device and the bigger display.

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