Is it the truuuuuuth?

A while back we told you about the release of classic SNES game NBA Jam for the Wii, which brought out all sorts of sad retro gaming geek in us. One of the classic titles of the 16-bit era being revamped with the Wiimote? Yes please.

However, apparently it’s not just going to be Wii owners who get to shout ‘HE’S ON FIIIIIRE’ at their screen after slamming one right in Scotty Pippin’s face; Xbox 360 and PS3 bods will also be sharing in the fun. The leaked CV of EA software engineer Andrea Schiel (on LinkedIn) that read ‘2010 NBA Jam (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3)’ was spotted by Superannuation and spread around the gaming gossip mill like a slab of smooth creamy butter on a warm, fresh crusty roll. Since then the profile has been edited, but thankfully a screengrab was taken. Hooray!

Obviously we have no release dates or anything like that, but in the meantime watch this video of the old game in action. Aaaah, memories.

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