Is it the end for the computer mouse?

The computer mouse will be soon be a thing of the past according to an analyst for information technology research and advisory firm Gartner. Steve Prentice told the BBC that touch screens, facial recognition and gestural computer devices are set to replace the now 40-year-old mouse.

Prentice highlighted the innovative technology being produced by electronics firms, which focus primarily on interactive interfaces such as the touchscreen, to make his point. "You've got Panasonic showing forward facing video in the home entertainment environment. Instead of using a conventional remote control you hold up your hand and it recognises you have done that," the electronics analyst told BBC News.

But the world's biggest manufacturer of computer mice, Logitech, doesn't agree with Prentice's prediction. It claims that talk of the death of the mouse is an exaggeration. The company have sold over 500 million mice since 1988 and highlights the continued importance of the mouse in the growth of computer technology in developing countries.

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