Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Once upon a time, it was games consoles which had a ridiculous number of buttons. PC gamers happily made do with a mouse and a few keys from their keyboard.

Now, though, everything's gone into reverse. Console controllers are just sticks you wave in the air, or - in the case of Microsoft's new Kinect - there's no controller at all. And PC gamers? Well, they're using this.

This isn't some bizarre torture instrument, or a design for the Klingon spaceships in the new Star Trek film. No, this is the new Razer Nostromo gaming keypad. You put your hand on the rest, use the thumb pad as a mouse, and map the keys in your game of choice onto the keypad for ease of access.

We think this is a bit crazy, and not worth $79.99. But then, we don't game for ten-hour sessions at a time. What do you think, hardcore gamers? Gimmick or vital tool?

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