Is Flash Player as bad as Apple make out?

Unfortunately, Safari on iOS doesn’t support Flash on iPhone. If you believe the rumours, this is because former Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen had didn’t see eye to eye. Whatever the truth of it, is Flash Player as bad a Apple make out?


Unless you jailbreak your iPhone, you can’t use flash on it. That’s a real shame as it’s a popular app development tool which allows developers to work across platforms. Conspiracy theorists will tell that you banning Flash gives Apple the power to control the software on its devices far more. A recently drawn up developer agreement document shows that developers are forbidden from using third-party software tools which affectively bans Flash.


The issue according to Apple is reliability, although security is another factor. Battery drain is cited as a third but less important reason why Flash isn’t allowed on iPhone. Steve Jobs has been openly scathing about Flash saying things like: “We also know first-hand that Flash is the number one reason Macs crash.” Is there smoke without fire in this instance though? Adobe claim that Apple have never made them aware of this concern.

Flash on mobile devices

There are some technical reasons why Flash doesn’t work well on mobile devices that Apple cite. Flash relies on “rollovers,” (rolling a mouse arrow over a specific spot to generate a pop-up), but mobile devices don’t use a mouse. The major technical issue appears to be Adobe’s lack of progress when dealing with problems that firms like Apple bring to them.

In conclusion

Does any of this make Flash a bad program? Well, no. A bad program is one that the user keeps noting fault with, not the head of a major corporation who was probably just firing warning shots at a rival firm.

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