Is Black Friday worth it?

Black Friday is a day on which a few of us get bargains while the rest of us get extra hassle in the shops. If you like the idea of turning a shop into a competitive arena rather than a retail outlet, Black Friday’s the day to go shopping. But is it worth it?

Black Friday

You will need to stand in the cold to get the most out of Black Friday as the bargains are sold on a first come, first served basis. Since the day is always in November (it’s always on the Friday after American’s celebrate Thanksgiving), you’re guaranteed cold weather in the UK while you and loads behind you wait for the shop doors to open. Another downside is that you will lose your rational self and go bargain crazy. Analysis shows that retailers know this and they don’t necessarily keep their best deals for Black Friday. In fact, you’re more likely to get a great deal at other times of the year. You may also find better deals online still (the retailer still has overheads to cover).


The doorbuster is the item that gets the customers rushing into the shops like a herd of crazed animals. These electrical items with big ticket prices are greatly reduced but there’s normally only one of each product. These are the items that people clamber for like contestants on a game show. They’re the items that steal the headlines but very very few people get their hands on them.

£810 million

Whether you head to the shops on Black Friday or not is for you to decide but if you do head out, make sure you have all your credit cards, debit cards and cash with you. In 2014, £810 million was spent in shops in the UK on the day. Surely the savings alone mean that shopping on Black Friday is worth all the associated hassle.

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